About the Founder

Founder Tim Lower has a strong business background that stretches across a number of industries. As a General Manager of a national restaurant chain, he sharpened his eye for detail and the ways in which to make the customer satisfied with the experience. 

Switching gears, he saw an opportunity in the home inspection industry, and went above and beyond the requirements to become a certified inspector who continued (and continues) to expand his knowledge. His education and experience led him to become a  Certified Home Inspector. Tim, who was born on the Island of Guam and in later life moved to Virginia and then Alabama, went “full steam ahead” in his new chosen field. One characteristic that has consistently defined Tim’s life is the belief that hard work and the quest for excellence are paramount to success. He has earned certifications from the International Association of Home Inspectors for specific areas of expertise within the industry including Moisture Intrusion detection, Plumbing Inspection, Safe Practices, and the Home Inspector’s Code of Ethics. Tim is also a recent recipient of the “Diplomat of the Month” designation from the South Baldwin (AL) Chamber of Commerce.

As Founder and President, Tim oversees the day-to-day Home Boss™ operations. He sets the standard for other inspectors, both for the Home Boss™ team and as serves as an example throughout the industry. Testimonials for Home Boss™ inspections include such “I picked Home Boss™ Inspections by Googling the highest-rated firms in Foley, AL, and every one of their reviews was outstanding.”  Training, support, guidance, aid and quality control are just some of Tim’s main priorities – and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty!

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