A Letter from the Founder

 Thank you for visiting the Home Boss™ franchising website.

We believe our Home Boss™ franchise offers an excellent opportunity to be part of a strong, successful business model.  With the real estate market exceedingly strong, and with mortgage rates still relatively low in many parts of the United States, now more than ever there is a need for today’s buyer (and seller) to do a thorough checkup on the condition of the home prior to entering into a real estate transaction.

Avoid surprises at the last minute in a real estate transaction with an inspection by a Certified Professional Inspector.

Think of it – the purchase of a home is the most important transaction that most people make during their lifetimes. Just as you wouldn’t purchase a new car (or a used one!) without taking it for a test drive, most consumers are coming to realize that it is appropriate to exercise “due diligence” in making this purchase…and that often means that home buyers will seek an inspection both for peace of mind and to discover any unexpected repairs that may be needed.

Since starting the Home Boss™ business in 2016, we have seen a strong uptick in the number of home inspections being requested. In fact, sometimes the sellers will seek home inspections so that they, too, may better understand the condition of their property before placing it on the market. Let’s face it; the purchase and sale of a property can be stressful and detailed enough without any hidden surprises.

We believe that there is an extraordinarily strong market in the home inspection field and are ready to take our model to a larger stage. Please look over this website; and if the idea of becoming a Home Boss™ franchisee appeals to you, let’s talk further.


Timothy Lower


Home Boss Inspection

Gulf Shores, AL


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